TMJ Sindrome #43 – E3 Extravaganza

TMJ Sindrome
TMJ Sindrome #43 – E3 Extravaganza

Here goes episode 43 of TMJ Sindrome and it’s E3 week. We review the presentations from EA, Microsoft, Bethesda and Square-Enix.

EA showed gameplay footage from the new Jedi: Fallen Order. TMJ is hopeful that this is going to turn out to be a great game. Jason said he’d buy it! Since when can you go wrong with lightsabers?

Microsoft was the start of the show with their new pro-consumer agenda giving the people what they want: good games for cheap, anywhere you want to play them. We give some highlights on the new Xbox game pass for PC service.

Bethesda knows that they did a bad and it seems like they can’t stop apologizing. Even though TMJ Sindrome gave positive reviews to Fallout 76 when it came out, we were happy to see the latest changes to this troubled installment in the Fallout series.

Square Enix finally gave us game footage for Final Fantasy 7 remake. Tim and Jason break down their thoughts. Will Tim buy the game and then get frustrated and quite because it’s too hard? Will Jason make fun of him for it? Probably. I don’t think that will stop either of them from having fun.

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