TMJ Sindrome #45 – Youtube brings the shadow… ban

TMJ Sindrome
TMJ Sindrome #45 - Youtube brings the shadow... ban

Welcome to episode 45 of TMJ Sindrome!

Our favorite platform, YouTube, is on a tear again censoring content creators automatically. Jason breaks down what he thinks this will do when Google Launches the new stadia platform. Is the future of gaming the censoring of all violence and racy content? Where will content creators go if they want to post videos of Luigi holding an eggplant?

The second half of the podcast is all about Final Fantasy 14. The new expansion, Stormbringers, is coming out and we all talk about our experiences getting through the old content. Tim just finished the story and gives his impressions on being a new player to the MMORPG genre. Jason gives his impressions on coming back to the game. Mitch just finished Heavensward and has some feedback on the module FF14 has chosen for new player on-boarding. Hint: he’s a bit frustrated. 

What do you think? Will we see you in the new Final Fantasy 14 expansion?

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