TMJ Sindrome #47 – Podcast Anniversary

TMJ Sindrome
TMJ Sindrome #47 – Podcast Anniversary

Welcome to the TMJ Sindrome Podcast Anniversary show! That’s right, it’s been a full year since we started filling your internet with Tim, Mitch and Jason’s opinions on everything from video games to particular kinds of pants.

TMJ takes a look to the past by reviewing their favorite episodes. Tim gets nostalgic about the very first, audio problem filled, episode. It turns out that audio levels are kind of hard to master. But they figured it out eventually as Jason reminisces about that moment we really pissed off one Star Wars fan.

Games were one of our main topics this year and we run the gambit. The launcher wars heated up to a boil while Blizzard did a great job of making their fans angry. Will the Disney monster buy them out? With all the drama, Jason and Mitch have been avoiding it by playing nintendo switch games. They haven’t broken a Joy Con yet but only time will tell. 

With the year thoroughly reviewed, Tim looks to the future and gives his opinion on why he’ll be buying the new tool album as a physical cd and vinyl. August 30th will be a great day for music.

Thanks for the year of memories everyone! Looking forward to another year of TMJ Sindrome.

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