TMJ Sindrome #48 – Stairway to Court

TMJ Sindrome
TMJ Sindrome #48 – Stairway to Court

TMJ Sindrome #48 – Stairway to Court

Welcome to the TMJ Sindrome Podcast!

This week, we are down Jason but Tim and Mitch take a look at the controversy around Stairway to Heaven. Was it stolen or oly a coincidence? 

This got us going on all sorts of things that have been copyrighted forever. Did you know that the mouse should have been public domain years ago? 

The discussion on Disney causes us to then just talk about a bunch of Disney movies we like. Like The Lion King. Tim saw Aladdin and he really liked it except for one thing.

00:50 – Stairway to Heaven Controversy

11:50 – Movie Copyrights and the Mouse

18:15 – We just like Disney and start talking about Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast.

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